Buying or Selling a Home

Sometimes great design is needed to explore what’s possible. Using a trained and experienced architect allows you to unlock the potential in your project.

Whether to Renovate or Sell Your Home

Bring the real potential of your home to life. We can show how your home could be transformed with some smart design and clever renovation. Why not make sure you understand what’s possible or discover it’s more practical to move on before investing financially.

Boxclever can create 3D architectural concept sketches to understand the real promise of your home.


Explore the potential of a property before you make a purchase. Boxclever can talk to you about your ideas and aspirations and then explore the property you’re thinking of buying to ensure it will meet your needs.

Don’t be disappointed by what can’t be achieved or limited by the practicalities. Understand the real potential of a section or existing property before you buy and call Boxclever today.

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